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© Gabriele Schmidt 12.05.2002
Who is "we"? Cattery "Springinsfeld" was founded by me, Gabriele Schmidt, with a lot of support from my husband. We live near Munich, Germany.

My love to pet cats started when I was eight years old. By that time my parents adopted our family's first cat. I'll go into details at another place.

From then on cats our cats always were viewed as pet. That's why we decided for a limit of four adult cats included neuters. The benefit is that we can permit them free run in almost every room of the house.

Every "permanently resident" cat is permitted free run in the cat-safe garden as desired. Kittens are not allowed outside, this is for hygienic reasons, and to reduce the urge go outside for those who'll live in an apartment.

I joined 1. DEKZV e. V. in January 1990, my cattery prefix is registered with FIFé since September 1990.